Sometimes it is just bad luck

Just a normal Sunday flying outside in the field, nothing special about it. This was my 3th pack that day. New pack in and putting my logo 200 in Idle 3 for some speed / power loopings (I love the sound of blades when they rumble in the air). Everything went smooth until at a certain point in the top of the loop when the RPM dropped drastically and some small tail tickled before the mail blades stopped spinning. The Logo 200 dropped dead from the sky like a rock, nothing to stear or control just observing a freefall.

Fully amazed what happened first think is the take the canopy off and check the damage:

– Tail Boom was bend

– Canopy small damage

– Logging in the Vbar Control Touch showed the UI sensor disconnected.

But the rest seems okay in the first instance, but why did the engine stop? Reconnecting the battery which had only 30% discharge caught my attention that Vbar Control Touch did not ask for a battery select? Why is this?

At home checking all the parts (and connecting also other full batteries) the Vbar Control did not report the message of battery select and by touching my finger to the VBar UI sensor it feld directly warm which it should not do. Reporting the issue in the forum and having a call with the excellent service of Mikado I can send in the new Vbar UI sensor for checkup and they help me quickly to get the spare parts. The UI-senser will be sind to Mikado for inspection.

UI-sensor after crash

Although the cause of the power outage is still unclear, initial investigations suggest that the UI-sensor cable, which is used to connect to the Vbar NEO, experienced high current, causing the wires to melt. Further investigations at Mikado are underway to determine whether the issue was caused by a poorly mounted connector at the UI-sensor for the Vbar NEO or if it was the result of another error. The cable was by the way not under tension by the use of tiewraps etc!

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