MS composit Hornet CP (micro RC-helicopter)

A small FP (Fixed Pitch) electric helicopter very much like the ‘Piccolo’ but had a direct tail drive instead of a separate small electric motor.  The benefit of this being a fixed speed relationship between the main and tail blades so that tail control was by the ‘normal’ means of pushrod and moving tail blade holders.  Not as simple as the separate motor method but a better form of tail control than relying on the available electronic mixers and non-heading hold micro gyros available at that time.


Main rotor diameter  – 490 mm
Length                      – 600 mm
Height                       – 160 mm
Weight                      – 240 to 280 g (depending upon equipment used)
Gear Ratio                 – 1 : 18 : 4
Motor                        – Speed 300
Rotor Speed               – 1500 RPM (max)

A five Amp speed controller was required along with suitable radio equipment (4 channel) and gyro (CSM 180); recommended battery was a 7 cell NiMH of 700 to 880mAh capacity which gave flight times of between six minutes for outdoor hard use or up to 12 minutes of ‘training’ hovering.

The basic kit was unassembled and came with the speed 300 motor; the full kit came with all the above recommended equipment on a frequency applicable to the country of delivery.

It was a very funny machine as I got in 2004 the hornet CP sponsored by MC-composit. I played around with this small RC-helicopter and was a lot fun where glue was my biggest friend and after each flight some parts did break down. When the machine flew great indoor, I took it outside to test it for some loops and rolls. At that time most commonly the rotor head separated from the body and the glue / rebuilding restarted again. To be honnest it was fun but is more the rebuilding that the flying.

With this helicopter I got introduced in the world of Lipo cells (3s 1200mAh). I know that for about 60 euro’s I bought my first pack of 2s 500mAh.