Every RC-helicopter pilot experiences the day when everything goes very well, until that moment – the crash.

It can be due to:

  • Defected components;
  • Brain freeze by not knowing the helicopters orientation;
  • Or just old school flying mistakes when trying a new maneuver;
  • Pushing the limits.

Finding the root cause in material failure is usually not necessary. A crash is usually due to a flying mistake.

In the past when we were flying 35Mhz (FM analog frequency) there was an option that a malfunction between the transmitter and receiver had occurred. However, nowadays by using 2,4 GHz (Futaba FasstĀ / Graupner HOTT / Vstabi link etc) the changes are limited to having a bad connection.

With technology of today, transmitters have a telimitri function, which logs your state of flight and transmits information back to your transmitter directly. This way, we are able to track what went wrong during the flight – if something went wrong – to analyse later.

Various theories and factors of what causes a crash can endlessly be discussed. With experience, you learn and sharing your experience with others is even better.

Pitch-Play is a flight school that also offers repair services. With the repair service your helicopter will be rebuilt from scratch after we hear your story about what happened. The flight lesson with the Logo 400SE is available to get your confidence back!

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