Flight lessons

Has the flying bug reached you too and do you want to learn how to fly your own RC-Helicopter?

Since 2010 Pitch Play offers flying lessons with a Logo 400 SE from Mikado.

Flight lessons

Flight lessons are offered in 1 hour sessions. In 1 hour, 3 flights will be made and an evaluation will take place between the rest period so that the student is able to process everything and ask questions if needed.

Why a Logo 400 Helicopter?

This choice was made because of its format. Most first-time pilots start of with a small-compact helicopter model, such as the Trex 450 (71 cm rotor diameter). The Logo 400 is slightly larger (1 m rotor diameter), but still quite small when compared to the 450 size model heli’s.

Moreover, lessons with the Vstabi have the advantage that the heli can be set up electronically.

For advanced pilots, the heli has more options to be adjusted without changing the mechanical parts, but simple adjusting the software.

Pitch-Play has two remote controls that are connected with one cable. This way, the instructor is able to take control of the flight whenever needed. In this case, it is also possible that the student and instructor choose a transmitter mode independently. The station for the student will be set to Mode 2 by default (this being the most common Mode in the Netherlands), but it can also be adjusted to Mode 2. The lesson are on a Graupner MC16/20 or Graupner MX-16, where I can change the flight mode in seconds!

Can I fly my own helicopter?

No. The reason for this is quite simple: Everyone has their own channel of a particular brand and many (low budget) channels are not suitable for dual control. Since Pitch-Play does not have a transmitter for every brand, it uses the Logo 400 with a dual transmitter.