Logo 400 SE

Logo 400 SE

The logo 400 or as I fly it now the logo 400 SE (slightly larger rotor blades and tail) is a perfect helicopter for beginners and advanced flyer. The biggest advantage of this little machine is that it has the big FUN factor. Not extremely expensive but a perfect balance of price and quality. Not every RC-helicopter needs to have a carbon (CFK) chassis and aluminum connections.




The Vstabi system (I fly the 5.3 pro) makes it very adjustable for every need. It can fly like on a simulator very stable and smooth. But by adjusting some settings it get a funny 3D machine with lots of power, speed and maneuverability.

The is the helicopter I use for flight lessons. The “student” has a good feeling and grip of this logo 400 because of his size. Not to small and not too large to get intimidated by the rotor blade speed and or crash costs, even when crash cost are at my risk.

For me this is the fun helicopter I take with me on a holiday or some trip. It not comparable to the Henseleit helicopters, but this machine make you smile and it pushes you to try new things.

Specifications  :
Rotor diamenter: 1090 mm / blades
Rotor blades: 480mm CFK
Gear ratio main rotor: 1.7:7 -1:15.3
Module 0.5
Weight: 2000 g and up
Battery: 6S lipo cells

Motor: Scorpion HK 4015-1070Kv

Controller: Hacker Hacker X-70 SB Pro

How does mine look right now?