Pitch-Play events

The idea of Pitch-Play was started in 2008 after a RC-demonstration day in Sittard where local RC-helicopter pilots asked me if it was possible to organize a workshop, meeting for starting RC-helicopter pilots. To share information, tips and tricks. At that time I was flying at internation events and almost every weekend on tour with some great German friends.

I decided to do this and it was a success. The first workshop had about 30 participants who wanted to update their knowledge about RC-helicopter. With a group of several expert we helped the newbies to setup their RC-helicopter with the gained knowledge at the workshop. I still have the Pitch-Play presentation of that time šŸ˜‰

Here some old movies:

This is my demo flight in the morning with the Three Dee MP at the first Pitch-Play event in 2008 at LVC Sittard. This was one of the first helicopter which was flybareless, I used the 2 axis Vstabi V2.x.


The second event of Pitch-Play was held in Venlo in 2009 at Jupiter. A larger number of participants (about 50) and volunteers where there to help with setting up the inexperience RC-pilots with their helicopter and some training lessens where possible where 2 trainee could fly under guidance of an instructor.

And a training flight movie of me with a logo 400 and new member who wanted to have a private theory course of basic helicopter knowledge.