Henseleit MP-XL

Henseleit Three Dee MP XL V91

On this page I would like to give some suggestions for the equipment and / or removal of the 3D helicopter Three Dee MP.

  • Model: Henseleit Three Dee MP XL V91
  • Engine: OS-91 RZ-H
  • Silencer: Hatori 938
  • Rechargeable battery: PowerBox Gemini (5.9 V for receiver, 5.2 V for gyroscope, 8 A continuous current)
  • Receiver power supply: 2 x FlightPower Hacker EVO20 LiPo batteries with 1200 mAh capacity and 7.4 V each
  • Servos: 4 x Futaba Digital Brushless BLS 451.
  • Spinning Top: Logictech LTG-6100T Gyro with LTS-6100G Servo
  • Receiver: Graupner SMC20 DSCAN.
  • Main rotor blades: NHP-Razor blades (carbon fiber 700 mm)
  • Flying weight (dry, incl. 90 grams of lead): 4.4 kg