Pitch-play is back

After a mini break and a move to the North part of Holland, Pitch-Play is back!

“Why don’t you just go to an open area and go flying?”  Those were Carmen’s exact words.

I should have those words memorized; I heard Carmen say them, oh, a few 100 times. Not that she was nagging in any way – she just knew how much I enjoyed flying my RC-Helicopters and has the flight bug in her as well, only she loves to be in an aircraft and up in the air.

So why did I stop doing something I loved? That’s a darn good question. I wish I had an equally good answer.

Since I didn’t give Carmen an answer, she literally put me up in the air on my first helicopter lesson, with me, being in the pilot seat up in the air. Once I landed, the flying virus was back.

The RC-Helicopters, plural – mind you –  had to be checked, if everything was still in place and working properly.

I got back to researching the technology that was behind the helicopters, the part that actually gets me most interested. Before you I knew it, I was reading forms and sites until late at night and found out that I actually missed a lot – almost a decade on information!

I found a beauty

The 3D Rigid 2 Helicopter from Henseleit. Enough. Said.

Once I got my eyes on one and started reading about the development and what they call detailed engineering from Switzerland – I was hooked.

And our trip to Frankfurt Germany to pick up the beauty began…

Background information

Henseleit Helicopters are high quality models made in Germany. They provide sophisticated detailed solutions, balanced flight behavior (this also depends on the pilot) and top performance in the 3D and speed range. With more than 20 years’ experience in the model helicopter range they give a pilot the good feeling of a perfect product.

The Rigid 2 is a compact helicopter designed to reach speeds for more than 350 km/hour. It weighs under the 6 kilogram and is equipped with gears that can hold up to 15kW of power. And, it is able to pitch up to 16 degrees. More about this in next posts, all information from getting from 200 km/hour to atleast 350 km/hour. Which updates, new parts and configurations are tested to achieve an efficient speed machine.

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